Minigames-Center of Earth 2

Grab your beer and join the fun!

Welcome to Alpine City!

Welcome to the new Megacity in the Swiss Alps, on a high plateau with several lakes, surrounded by mountains on 3 sides!

It is such a beautiful location, it seems it was built for Earth 2!

Themes of the City are the beauty of the Alps and winter sports. 



1: peak / start of racetrack (ski, mountain bike, etc.) / boulevard

2: old town, little typical swiss chalets

3: pondhockey/fishing competitions with stadium

4: center tower / teleporter (need to upgrade to tier1…)

5: skyscraper area

6: start of bobrun (sledging, skeleton)

7: Halfpipe

8: Big Air

9: Slopestyle

10: Ski Jumping

11: Central Plaza with stadiums (& finish lines of ski, bob, slopestyle, skijump)

12: Ridge Hike, around the city!

13: residential, shops, users ideas) 

IMPORTANT: If you want to build between the city grid and the ridge hike, I suggest you use the 3D view, as the terrain can be very steep there.


Here are some pictures and videos from the real life location, so you can imagine the beauty of this location: