Minigames-Center of Earth 2

Grab your beer and join the fun!

JOIN NOW: Hippoland

Planned for groups of friends, who not only want to get drunk, but also to play bar/minigames while doing so. 

Buy a small property for a house or for an attraction (3x3 - 5x5) and connect it to the road system (if needed please build roads), join our discord server and send the link to the property you bought in the general chat to get 1 FREE TILE (bid 0.01) in the 1-Tile-Arena in the south-east of the island. This Arena (10x10 Tiles) is for mass shoelace untying contests and other silly games. Many additional attractions are planned (Beer-Pong-Beach, Bumper-Boat Racetrack, Tetris, etc.)

You are more than welcome to bring in your own ideas. 

There will be hippo-championships, where you can win a pink hippo named frank, that can say your name if you rub his belly!

Link to Center (Hippodrome): 

Earth 2
Link to 1-tile-arena:

Earth 2
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The Prince of Cape Town is the first person who landed on Hippoland! Check out this footage:

Hippoland Flyover (thanks to SymmetryFilms):

  • HL FULL 15.4.21 - 2
  • HL 1TA 62-100
  • GP HL
  • HL 17.3.21
  • HL2 17.3.21