Minigames-Center of Earth 2

Grab your beer and join the fun!


10x10 tiles, 100 player multiplayer games! Every player has his own 10x10 meters starting point. Thousands of possibilities, message me your idea to be listed below!

98/100 tiles are gone!

Game Modes (please devs, make all this possible):

- Shoelace untying / Last one with at least 1 lace tied wins jackpot

- Last man standing / Ride your fully equipped War-Hippo in this mini-battle-royal slaughter!

- Tag / when did you last play tag?

- 50 vs. 50 Icehockey with 11 different pucks (big/tiny/heavy/invisible/etc.)

First Holobuilding version of the 1-tile-arena, created by ObiShaw:

Find out who your neighbor is in the arena: