Minigames-Center of Earth 2

Grab your beer and join the fun!

Map and list of Minigames

Find what you are looking for:


1.) Hippodrome e (Teleportation Hub / Welcome Drink Area / Hippo-shaped multifunctional stadium on the roof)

2.)  1-Tile-Arena

3.) Bumperboat race

4.) Pong Beach  (Pingpong / Beerpong / Whateverpong)

5.) Escape Room by Yacine

6.) Twisted Towers  (jump and duck minigame - see fusion frenzy)

7.) Beach Bar  with Veranda by Essence Rat (Billard, Darts & Booze)

8.) Tetris (win a Tetris-block shaped Island Property on Tetris Island!)


9.) Hippo GP pits

10.) Mini-Mini Section (1-tile minigames)