Minigames-Center of Earth 2

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Latest News

- Hippoland2 expansion island ready to be popluated 16.3.21

- 50/100 tiles in the 1-tile-arena are gone 12.3.21

- Due to an E2 update, 0.01 bids are no longer possible. You have to bid at least 30% of the original price. For the 1-Tile-Arena, you can either bid that amount or wait until a next update gives us a button to allow 0.01 bids (Shane confirmed this will come soon). 4.3.21

- Racetrack Hippo GP now built and added to Star City racing calendar! 3.3.21

- For better visibility, I changed my flag to Cyprus. Streets and Infrastructure are now clear to see. 22.2.21 

- Expansion to the island in the north-east just started, just to have back up land once Hippoland (1) is full. 21.2.21

- Still many citizens who have not yet claimed their free tile. I am trying to get in contact with them on several ways (FB / messenger / discord / E2DC). Maybe you can help!